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Jerry Ayres – bioJerry Aytes - The Calling Radio Show

Been involved in the Supernatural, Paranormal as a child and now it’s a very large part of my life. Leader of Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota since 2010, Host of The Calling for almost 7 years, Smoke Reader, Cleanser of lost souls.







Rev Will The CallingRev. Will Cunningham

I am a Spiritualist, Theologian, Demonologist, Empath, Supernatural Investigator and Ordained Minister. I actively help people in their daily search for their relationship with the divine and with themselves. I continue to study the physical and the psychological sciences so that I may better understand the world around me. I am a husband, a brother, a son and a friend. With an open mind and a curious heart I live my life in the search for truth.

~Rev. Will Cunningham




Allen Yerxa Sr. The Calling Radio ShowAllan Yerxa Sr.

I am of First Nations ancestry; with a background in Native spirituality. Traditional Knowledge Gathering, Some knowledge of medicines… healing…. ceremonies.

Allan Yerxa sr.






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